Sr. Rails Developer

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Who we are?

At Makerble our mission is to give charities the insights to change the world faster. We provide technology products and consultancy services that enable people to understand their progress towards every goal that matters to them and their organization. Our digital platform, is built around three core apps:Makerble Contacts which is a CRMMakerble Boards which is a Data Analytics suiteMakerble Surveys which is a survey deployment, analysis and visualization suite. In addition to this, Makerble is designed to feel like a Social Network


Stability & Scale:Maintain stability while scaling backend systems to millions of usersDeveloping large multi-tenant applications in Rails.Staying up-to-date with current and future Backend technologies and architectures.Migrate rails & ruby versions and improve the security.

Technical Leadership:Provide technical leadership to the development team, guiding and mentoring the development team.Drive best practices in coding, testing, and maintainability within the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.Being extensively knowledgeable with microservices architectures, API-based, multi-tenant architecture and monolith.

Code Review and Quality Assurance:Conduct thorough code reviews to maintain code quality, adherence to coding standards, and performance optimization.Implement and enforce best practices for code quality and conduct regular code reviews with the development team.Improve the performance of the applicationTrain team to write high-quality code and tests

Technical Architecture:Lead the architectural design and decision-making process for Ruby-based applications.Identify and address technical debt, scalability, and performance issues.Ability to make decisions and provide direction in a fast-paced development environment.

Innovation:Rapidly assimilates and learns new information and encourages information sharing.Synthesizes information from multiple sources into a meaningful representation of how change and innovation will create improvement.Generates new ideas, approaches or solutions that can be introduced to existing processes or to new systems.


Proven experience leading and designing architecture on Ruby on Rails ecosystem.Experience with performance improvements (Caching Techniques, SQL Query Optimization, Performance monitoring and profiling)Strong proficiency in Ruby on Rails, with a deep understanding of the Ruby on Rails Framework.Excellent working knowledge of Rest APIs, Cloud system architecture and JavaScript (AJAX).Deep understanding of service-oriented and microservices architectural patterns, troubleshooting methods and best practices.

Technical Skills:Ruby on Rails architecture best practicesStrong OOP knowledge in Ruby.Ability to architect and develop API only backendProficient in Rails Security Best PracticesKnowledge about refactoring and scaling strategies

Experience - 5 to 10 yearsCompensation - 12-15 LPA + BonusesEmployment Type - Full Time


Flexible Timings:Embrace work-life balance with our flexible timing policy. We understand that life comes with its own rhythm, and we encourage our team members to tailor their work hours to suit their personal needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of personal and professional commitments.

Remote Work Opportunities:Enjoy the freedom and convenience of working from the comfort of your home. Our organization promotes a remote-friendly culture, empowering you to deliver your best work while maintaining the flexibility to create a workspace that suits your individual preferences.

5-Day Work Week:Nurture a healthy work-life integration with our structured 5-day work week. We believe that a well-rested and rejuvenated team is pivotal for sustained creativity and productivity. This consistent schedule allows you to recharge over the weekends, ensuring you come back energized and ready to tackle new challenges.

Impactful Team Dynamics:Join a dynamic and collaborative team that is passionate about creating a positive impact. At Makerble, we believe in the collective strength of our team to drive meaningful change. You'll be working alongside talented professionals who share a common goal of making a difference, and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and camaraderie.

At Makerble, we believe that every person irrespective of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, nationality, caste, disability or marital status can bring their purpose to life. So apply to us, to unleash your curiosity, challenge ideas and disrupt processes; use your energy to make the world a better place. As you work to make a real impact on the business and the world, we’ll work to help you change world faster!

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